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SHoule Rock Buckets

FarmFest 2021

FarmFest will be on again this year at on Tuesday to Thursday, June 8-10. FarmFest is held a at Kingsthorpe Park, on the Warrego Highway, 20 kms west of Toowoomba, Queensland. 

SHoule Rock Bucket, Land Levelers and Rock Rakes  will be well represented again this year. For more information contact your nearest SHoule Dealer or phone 1800 945 069

Westfield Farmfest

Delta Agribusiness Narrabri - Agribusiness Expo

Delta Agribuiness, in Narrabri, is holding an Agribusiness Expo on Wednesday the 3rd of March from 10 am to 3pm.  SHoule will have Rock Buckets and Land Levelers on display.

For more information contact Delta Ag Narrabri on 02 6792 6488 or view their Facebook page.

Westfield Augers Narrabri

SHoule RM8090 Rock Picker in Action 

The SHoule RM8090 Rock Picker going through it paces at North Star in Northern New South. The SHoule RM8090 Rock Picker featurers a high dumping height of 2.29 meters and the ability to dump while in motion.  With a bucket capacity of 3.59 cubic meters, a picking width of 2 meters and a working width of 4.5 meters the SHoule RM8090 is  made for performance and durability, and it is built to last.

Transportable Grain Auger

SHoule HLL-12 Land Leveler Moree NSW 

Grainland in Moree sold a HLL-12 Land Leveler for tiding up roads and paddocks after the recent rains. The SHoule HLL-12 series land levelers are made in Canada and are designed for tractors in the 40hp and up. The SHoule HLL land leveler is built to last and is best in class in terms of strength and durability. 

The SHoule HLL series of Land Levelers are available in 2.4, 3 and 3.6 meter widths. You can contact Grainland Moree on 02 6752 1511 

SHoule Land Leveler

New SHoule Dealer in Far North Queensland 

NQ Agricultural Services located at Tolga in the heart of the Atherton Tablelans in far north Queensland now has the full range of SHoule products available.

Agricultural Machinery specialist James Fisher started NQ Agricultural Services in 2012 and they pride themselves on their service and customer support.  

You can contact NQ Agricultural Services on 07 40954455 or call James on 0407 417 546

Land Leveller North Queensland

SHoule HB-9 Rock Bucket on new JCB 426HT 

Wideland Ag sold a new JCB 426 HT Wheel Loader with an SHoule HB-9 Rock Bucket to the Cattle Creek Feedlot in Dalby. Paul Todd from the Wideland Group said the client was extremely happy with the purchase. The quality of the SHoule rock bucket and the fact that the SHoule has replaceable hitches meaning it can be used on different machines were all factors in the reason to purchase.

The SHoule HB-9 Rock Bucket is manufactured in Canada and is available in 1.8 , 2.1 , 2.4 and 2.7 meter widths. 

Rock Bucket

SHoule HLL Land Levelers - Narrabri

Delta Agribusiness in Narrabri is the latest SHoule dealer. The have a full range of Rock Buckets, Rock Rakes and Land Levelers on display. For more information contact Delta Ag Narrabri on 02 6792 6488 

Westfield Augers Narrabri

SHoule HB Rock Buckets at Inverell 

Chesterfield Inverell have SHoule HB7 and HB8 Rock Buckets available for immediate delivery. The SHoule HB Series Rock Bucket are designed for tractors in the 85 to 200 hp range. This bucket will scoop rocks that lay on the surface of the ground but can also dig up medium sized rocks.  

For more information you can contact Peter Kourahanis on 0428 666161 

Rock Bucket

SHoule LN-14 Land Leveler Demo

Wideland Ag has an SHoule LN-14 Land Leveler available for demo. The LN-14 Land Leveler is designed for tractors in the 150 to 300 hp range and comes standard with Left Hand Tilt, Light Kit and GPS Post. Optional Extras include Scarifying Teeth, Stabliser Skids and a Dual Tilt Upgrade

For more information contact Paul Todd on 0437 331 150

Land Leveler Dalby

HB Rock Buckets now in stock Dalby 

Claas Harvest Centre in Dalby has received a new shipment of SHoule Rock Buckets. SHoule Rock Buckets are manufactured in Canada and is available in 1.8 , 2.1 , 2.4 and 2.7 meter widths. 

Rock Buckets Dalby

PWD-10 Rock Rake for Tamworth

 A new SHoule PWD-10 rock rake being delivered in the Tamworth area. The SHoule PWD-10 is a PTO driven trailing type rock rake, with a working width of 2.7 meters. It has RT-400 replacable teeth and is designed for 65 to 124 hp tractors.

Rock Rake

SHoule Fiji Trip Winner 

The lucky winner of the SHoule Land Leveler Promotion is Noel Rockliff from the Dalby area. Mr Rockliff purchased the SHoule HLL-12 Land Leveler from the CLAAS Harvest Centre in Dalby. The HLL Land Levelers are ideally suited to leveling roads, cleaning out feedlots and leveling fields.

Available in 8, 10 and 12 foot widths the HLL series of Land Levelers is suitable for tractors 40 hp and up.

Land Leveler Dalby

New SHoule RM-8090 Rock Picker

The new SHoule RM-8090 Rock Picker is being trialled at Cowra in Central New South Wales. The new Rock Picker dubbed the Rock Monster has a picking width of 80" (2 meters) and a bucket capacity of 126 cubic feet (3.5 cubic meters) with a dumping height of 90" (2.29 meters).

The RM-8090 Rock Picker should be available in Australia in early 2020. 

Rock Picker

For more information call 1800 945 069
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